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Texas Tech's offense plus BC's defense would make the country's best team. The total opposite is also true

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Bill Connelly released his final S&P+ projections for the 2016 season, with Alabama the anticipated best team; Clemson, Michigan and Oklahoma the teams with the best Playoff shots; and the Tigers and Tide expected to have the best offense and defense, respectively.

There’s more fun stuff in there, like Kansas having by far the country’s best ("best") odds of going 0-12, Arkansas being the best team that has basically no hope of the Playoff, and Houston having only a 2 percent chance of meeting 11-win hype! Did I say fun? I meant something else. Sorry.

One actually fun thing: Combining the projected ratings for Texas Tech’s offense, expected to rank No. 2, and Boston College’s defense, expected to rank No. 3, gives you a total team S&P+ of 31.3, meaning such a combo team should be favored by about a point against overall No. 1 Bama (30.4) on a neutral field and by about 31 points over 2016’s most perfectly average team, Wake Forest (0).

Even more fun: doing the same with TTU’s No. 122 defense and BC’s No. 124 offense would make a team total of -22.4, or a team that should be an underdog against No. 128 North Texas (-21).

See how fun that is?

(And yeah, Bill's slightly more hopeful about BC's offense and TTU's defense than his numbers are.)


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