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Tim Tebow’s baseball scouting report looks exactly like his football scouting report

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This is a college football newsletter, so I’m not aware of any universes in which Tim Tebow is not a good quarterback and champion.

Nearly a decade after helping lead the Gators to the 2008 national title, Tebow has reemerged from wherever he’s been (no one knows!) to try out a pro baseball career. It’s not going all that badly so far.

Here’s how one baseball scouting outfit rates Tebow, and these numbers are better than they look, if you don’t speak baseball scouting reports.

This is on a 20-to-80 scale for some baseball reason, meaning Tebow’s considered to be very strong (sounds right!), a pretty fast runner (yep!), an ehh fielder who could become decent (hmm), and a subpar pure thrower (aww ... yeah).

A "fielder" is a person who runs around and catches balls, I’m told. That’s kind of like an H-back, or a position many people pleaded for Tebow to play in whatever football exists beyond college football.

So yeah, all this baseball stuff about Tebow sounds just like a certain Heisman Trophy QB we used to know!

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