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In Tommy Tuberville, Cincinnati has a coach who's no stranger to Big 12 realignment

Let's talk with Cincinnati's head coach about the current round of Big 12 expansion talks. He's used to this, albeit from a different angle.

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Tommy Tuberville is no stranger to Big 12 realignment talks. After all, he coached at Texas Tech when the conference lost Texas A&M, Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri.

So, he's not too rattled when his current team, Cincinnati, gets tagged in discussions about the league's desire to expand in the near future. He sat down with SB Nation's Bill Connelly and Steven Godfrey at The American's conference media days this week to discuss the Bearcats' status as an island in a sea of swirling realignment rumors.

You can listen in full here, or below from 9:40:

Tuberville, from his time at Texas Tech, is used to being around this craziness.

You've gotta remember, I was in the Big 12 when all the moving around was going on. While I was at Texas Tech, we were to lose a couple teams, bring two in, we might be going to the Pac-12. For those three years, it was just like the last three years here. Teams going in, teams going out, and so I feel right at home with all this. I let it go over my head, because there's nothing I can do.

Tuberville is guarding his team against losing the moment while Big 12 chatter surrounds their program.

"We've got 20 seniors on the team that have spent hundreds of hours in their lifetime getting ready for their senior year in college," Tuberville said. "We don't want to downsize that. We want to make sure they have a fun time, no matter what happens with realignment."

However, Tuberville didn't hesitate to point out membership in the Big 12 would have its advantages, especially on the recruiting trail. A Big 12 team in Ohio could be a good recruiter, even if it won't threaten Ohio State.

The thing about Cincinnati is that it's an easy stop for assistant coaches [to make recruiting visits]. We've got them all flying into the Cincinnati airport ... We have to compete with everybody. When I first got in the league, there was no Power 5. It was a little bit easier. Then we had the separation of powers, and obviously if you're not in the Power 5, the other schools come in, no matter what level they're at. We might even be a better football program than them, but they're still gonna use it against you. I've had to fight that for the last couple of years, and it's taken a little bit of a toll on us, simply for the fact they've been able to sell that against us.

While Tuberville may not pay attention to realignment rumors, he has certainly noticed the difference in demeanor between his fellow coaches in the AAC and his former colleagues in the SEC.

"There's not as much ego in our league," the former Auburn coach noted. "We had a lot of egos."

He added, "Now, it seems like everyone is more cordial."

Connelly and Godfrey also had chats with SMU's Chad Morris (about recruiting and a big rebuild) and Houston's Tom Herman (about game-by-game planning). By all means, check those out, too.