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Boston College QB Patrick Towles dedicates 2016 season to Harambe

“The realist there ever was.”

Since his untimely death earlier this summer, Harambe the gorilla has become somewhat notorious on the Internet. So much so, in fact, that Boston College quarterback Patrick Towles has won Twitter’s heart, or something, by mentioning on Instagram that he will dedicate his 2016 season to Harambe.

Dedicating this season to the realist there ever was... #RIPHARAMBE

A photo posted by Patrick Towles (@patty_ice_8) on

Towles is now almost certainly going to be the Harambe subreddit’s favorite college football player, unless other players follow his courageous lead by dedicating the upcoming season to a dead gorilla.

Whether Harambe is "the realist there ever was" or not, Towles is only burnishing nerd credentials that he established at Kentucky, where he was an object of adulation for his diehard Harry Potter fandom, which ran so deep that The Boy Who Threw For 390 Yards Once appeared on the cover of a Wildcats publication’s yearly preview in a scarf, glasses and Harry’s signature scar.

(Yes, he read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, obviously.)