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Gus Malzahn claims he doesn't know Batman

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FOOTBALL IS HAPPENING. Football-like things. We have camp notes to prove it.

The most important is this: Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn doesn’t know what "Batman" is.

The context: "Batman" is a name Malzahn has used for a swinging-gate trick formation in the past*, and it appeared to some reporters on Sunday that incoming QB John Franklin III (of Last Chance U fame) could have a role in it. So they asked the coach about Batman, and he denied having any information on the subject. This is exactly what you should say if confronted in public about your knowledge of the masked vigilante.

Bret Bielema once got mad about Auburn's Batman, and I can't think of which Batman villain that makes him, because all of Batman's enemies seem happy.

More camp notes and such:

BTW, the season is under three weeks away. I know; I can’t believe it either.


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New Mexico wants to join the Big 12. Shoot your shot. (We’ve updated the tracker.)

The lawyer Florida put in charge of a player’s Title IX sexual assault proceedings is a football and basketball booster.

Bud’s debating Facebook on the following matter: which recruiting non-power has the best Playoff shot?

Bill C team of the day: Vanderbilt, which has an SEC East defense and SoCon offense. No disrespect to the SoCon.

Two teams from the same division making the Playoff: impossible, right? The ACC Atlantic has a very plausible chance, and not just because two teams are that good.

Consider Tommy Tuberville’s point of view on expansion. The man was in the Big 12 during the heights of TEXAS TO THE WEST COAST fever and is now at Cincinnati, hoping to make it back into that same mess.

CROOTIN’. This weekend, four-stars committed to Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, Stanford (All-Name Team candidate), USC (times two) and Virginia Tech.

Handball is one of the Olympics’ best sports. America must recruit a team of former mobile college QBs to win it, as many of these persons have nothing better to do.

Did Jim Harbaugh subtweet the 49ers? Bro, if there is one thing I know in this life, it’s that Jim Harbaugh subtweeted the 49ers. I don’t even have to look at the tweet in question.

Boston College QB dedicates 2016 to Harambe.

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