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Oregon State’s QB was just trying to throw the ball when a defender ate him alive

This looks not fun.

Oregon State quarterback Darell Garretson was running away from trouble.

In the Beavers' game against Minnesota on Thursday, Gophers defensive lineman Tai'yon Devers had beaten the Beavers' linemen around their right flank, and he was chasing lustily after Garretson. The quarterback was ahead of him, but then, a right-hander running to his left, he turned and opened up his body to throw. This was a mistake, and it resulted in a fumble that led to some Gopher points.

Devers got an enormous lick on his target, and Garretson could do nothing but lose the ball a couple of feet forward. He has now been welcomed to this college football season in the most brutal way imaginable.

Credit to the quarterback for running his heart out to get away from this calamity and being willing to expose himself in order to execute a decent throw. It didn't work out, but Garretson at least popped right back up.

Here's to hoping he can avoid this fate on future efforts.