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Western Kentucky players trip and fall all over each other while running onto the field

The execution didn't match the scheme here.

Western Kentucky is playing Rice on Thursday. It’s a big game for the Hilltoppers, because it’s the season opener and they’re probably the Conference USA favorite.

The events staff at WKU rigged up a cool-looking entrance for the players, and they ran out of a cloudy inflatable to greet their adoring fans. Good idea!

But the execution just wasn’t there.

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And, of course, there's the time an Ohio State cheerleader was a casualty of a Buckeye entrance.

It's been an eventful couple of weeks for Western Kentucky.

The Hilltopper mascot, Big Red, was recently the star of our accounting of all FBS mascots by their weight, because his weight is unknowable. It's wholly possible that Big Red is the heaviest mascot in the country. We're not meant to know the answer to every question.

As far as this idea, the entrance has upside. They've just got to figure some things out with repetition, and they'll be effortlessly coming out of the tunnel without issue.