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Watch this Lamar Jackson high school highlight and pray he never stunts on you like this

I wake up every morning and thank the Heavens that I don’t have to try and tackle Lamar Jackson.

Louisville’s Lamar Jackson, the quarterback who ran and threw for eight touchdowns in the first half against Charlotte and five in his first half against Syracuse — thus producing more TDs in his first hour of play than any entire FBS team mustered in its first 60 minutes — has always been like this.


via @treajusthatdope

That’s him at Boynton Beach Community in Florida, treating a would-be tackler like a large puppy crossing his path in pursuit of a chipmunk, then Olympic-racewalking into the end zone. How demoralizing. I’d just walk off the field and stand in those woods for a while, contemplating the Vine of all this that someone would eventually rip from a WorldStarHipHop video ripped from local TV news, knowing that Vine would last forever.

Jackson was only rated a three-star recruit, in part due to his passing accuracy; he completed 43 percent of his passes as a junior and 54 as a senior. But he averaged 141 yards passing and 101 rushing for his high school career, and could do stuff like that, so he claimed offers from Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Miami, Nebraska, and others before committing to Bobby Petrino’s Cardinals.

And the accuracy thing is a lessening concern for him so far in college. He threw for 54 percent as a true freshman and is at 60 so far against, yes, Charlotte and Syracuse, despite his receivers dropping about a half-dozen passes Friday night.

Anyway, here’s more.