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LSU punt returner runs approximately 1 mile, embarrasses opponents to score TD

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This is complete nonsense and also amazing.

LSU return man Tre'Davious White is a complete outrage.

That goes in the books as a 60-yard punt return touchdown, giving LSU a 27-10 lead against Jacksonville State. But White really ran far more than 60 yards, and he bodied some coverage guys to do it.

This makes absolutely no sense, for the record. There are a couple of different visuals here that I could pick out, point to and say, "Wow, look at that, he definitely got tackled 60 yards ago." Here is one of those:


Here is another one of those:


That's one of the best punt returns we've ever seen. By rights, White should've been tackled ages earlier, but he kept on keeping on, and he left Jacksonville State's coverage unit holding the bag.

You could watch football for many years and not find a punt return this impossible in nature. Kudos to White for figuring out how to do something mortals shouldn't be able to do unless they're playing Madden on beginner.