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Over 2,000 people have sent this guy money because of his 'College GameDay' sign

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That’ll probably pay for a few beers.

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For as long as college sporting events have been televised, college kids have held up signs asking their parents for money, hoping to get on television and perhaps, hopefully, get money. College students, it turns out, have very little money, and insatiable desires for beer and pizza, both of which require money to acquire. On Saturday’s episode of College GameDay at Bristol Motor Speedway, a brave innovator took a bold step in the history of such signs:

The person holding the sign in the top left is Sam Crowder. The difference between his sign and past signs is that it includes his handle on Venmo, an app that allows you to quickly/easily send money to your friends for beer or pizza or fantasy football or [ILLICIT SUBSTANCES.]

We don’t know if Sam’s mom has seen the sign, but tens of thousands of Americans did. And hundreds have used Venmo to send him real life cash:

His Venmo account is now a wall of college football fans, each donating money to cheer on their team:

It’s tough to give an accurate assessment of how many people have paid him — every time I reload the page, four or five more have sent cash. Venmo says the number is over 2,000. he minimum amount of money you can send on Venmo is just a cent, so it’s possible he’s only made a few dollars. But I’d be willing to bet some people have made more generous contributions.

For what it’s worth, we’ve reached out to Sam the only way we could — by sending him a dollar on Venmo and hoping he notices.