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Michigan blocked 4 UCF kicks, including 3 in less than 10 minutes

This is not how you special-team, Knights.

UCF is a 35.5-point underdog against Michigan on Saturday. One way not to compete with the Wolverines is to have three punts and kicks blocked in the first quarter of the game, but that's just what the Knights have gone ahead and allowed.

Here's what exactly has gone on here:

1. Michigan rejected UCF's first punt attempt. The Knights had to punt after four plays on their first drive. And when they did, Michigan got a hand to Caleb Houston's boot, knocking it down as it skidded 13 yards.

2. UCF's second punt got blocked, too. Houston tried a second time, but Michigan pushed through and got another hand on it. This punt still went slightly farther, netting 27 yards. This is perverse progress.

3. UCF tried a field goal, and that got blocked, too. Matthew Wright was looking to be the Knights' savior, the first UCF specialist to actually get a kick away on Saturday, a 50-yard field goal try. It did not work out, as Chris Wormley blocked it.

This all happened in a 10-minute period in the first quarter at Michigan Stadium. It covered three consecutive UCF drives, which happened to be their first three drives of the day. Not ideal.

The Knights did succeed in leaving Houston's third punt attempt unblocked. This was immediately thrilling.

But the Knights' misery wasn't over. They tried another field goal later in the first half, trailing 34-7. It didn't go well.

Some better protection schemes and some higher kick trajectories are probably in order.