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Official grabs USC lineman, who yanks his arm and then gets ejected

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This is a bad idea every time.

Tempers flared during USC's game against Utah State on Saturday. Trojans offensive tackle Chuma Edoga got angry, then the field umpire grabbed him as he started to move toward a USU player.

Edoga didn't whale on the official or anything, but he grabbed him and yanked his arm with some force.

Here's an explanation from Lindsey Thiry, who covers USC for the Los Angeles Times:

A few things here: Edoga, obviously, shouldn't make any kind of violent motion toward an official. That's been a smart idea for exactly zero athletes in sports history, and he shouldn't have done it. Conversely, officials grabbing players by their jerseys isn't an awesome idea, either. If Edoga posed any real danger to one of his opponents, one significantly smaller man might not be the best answer. Either way, this is bad, and Edoga would've been best-served to stay away from it.