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Utah State safety will never be the same after JuJu Smith-Schuster's hit

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He's done damage before, and he's not afraid to do it again.

USC wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster went viral last year after stiff-arming Utah's Dominique Hatfield. Smith-Schuster just wanted to get down the field but since Hatfield had been trash talking him earlier, Smith-Schuster wasn't afraid to clear the way at his expense.

This year, in USC's week two game against Utah State, Smith-Schuster struck again. Instead of a stiff-arm, we got this.

Right there, without any regard for human life, his own or others, Smith-Schuster annihilates this poor safety. He must have something against football players from this particular state.

Seriously though, who is this guy that got his very soul knocked from his body?  His name is Dallin Leavitt.

Let's hope he Leavs-itt all on the field after that.

All jokes aside, Smith-Schuster a little worse for wear himself, but later reports on Twitter said he was warming up on the sidelines and looking just fine.

Now back to the real topic at hand. Let's see that hit from another angle.


Even Spencer Pratt, of "The Hills" fame, was impressed.

Dang. Dang indeed.