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Nevada player takes the world’s saddest safety on a kickoff vs. Notre Dame

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The Wolfpack have not had a great go of things in South Bend.

Football has some complicated rules. All the time, players and coaches who've devoted their lives to the sport foul up things like ineligible men downfield, illegal blocks in certain parts of the field and illegal substitutions. It happens.

But taking the ball out of the end zone and then going back into it and downing yourself? That's no good, folks.

Nevada kick returner Ahki Muhammad probably lost track of where he was here. Notre Dame Stadium is a pretty grand stage for a mid-major like Nevada to take, and the Wolfpack were already losing to the Irish, 9-0, in the second quarter. It can be easy for a young man's thoughts to race in such an environment. I sympathize with him.

But this doesn't work. You cannot carry a football out of your own end zone, take it all the way past your goal line, go back into the end zone and then take a knee. That is two points for the Irish.