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Kansas can't even punt correctly

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The Jayhawks were just trying to give Ohio the ball. It didn't have to be like this.

Kansas is playing Ohio on Saturday, and it's not going great. The Bobcats have a two-score lead in the fourth quarter, and they're likely about to send Kansas back to the loss column after a brief but deserved respite a week ago.

How are things going with Kansas' punting unit? Funny you'd ask.

There's a lot going on here, so let's do a little blow-by-blow of the action.

First, the snap was bad. Kansas punter Cole Moos had to run after the ball, and it's never a good thing for punters to have to chase the pigskin in the opposite direction from where they're supposed to punt. Avoid this, if possible.

Second, Moos tried to escape. There were a couple of Bobcat special-teamers running right at him. He tried to split them, as if he were a running back for a team that isn't Kansas.

Third, he tried to get off a punt. And at that point, the video mostly speaks for itself, doesn't it?