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Both Harbaugh brothers now deny Jim picked his nose and ate it on live television

You work up an appetite on the sidelines, though.

The fascination with Jim Harbaugh just doesn't stop. Whether he's in the news for his political commentary, showing up in Wolverine-themed rap videos or more recently, taking a tour of the Big House in a Black Hawk helicopter, it's hard to look away.

On Saturday during Michigan's game against UCF, it was even harder to tear your eyes from the screen as the coach put his finger up his nostril and then in between his teeth.

I am not insinuating Jim Harbaugh picked his nose on live television and then ate it. I am showing you he picked his nose on live television and ate it.

His comment, on Monday:

And now Harbaugh's brother, Baltimore Ravens coach John, has gotten involved:

A likely story.

If a quick Twitter search is to be believed, this is not the first time Harbaugh has gone digging for gold when the camera is on him.

It started in 2011.

Perhaps the thrill was too much, because he didn't stop in 2013.

He must have been hungrier during Saturday's game.