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Kentucky suffers rout at Florida, is probably going to lose a lot more games

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Make that 30 years in a row of Kentucky losing to Florida. This could be a long season.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky is really just not so great at football. In case you forgot last week, the Wildcats blew a 34-0 lead by allowing Southern Miss to score 34-unanswered points. The dude putting up all those points was the offensive coordinator Kentucky fired after 2015, current Southern Miss OC Shannon Dawson.

One week after this, the Wildcats lost 45-7 to Florida in Gainesville on Saturday afternoon. It was as ugly as it sounds.

The Wildcats came into the game as 14-point underdogs, but how they played on Saturday showed that number should have been way higher.

For starters, Florida’s defense was able to pick off Kentucky quarterback Drew Barker three times. If that wasn’t already bad enough, at one point Florida’s defensive backs caught more of Barker’s passes (3) than the Wildcats entire receiving corps (2.)

Kentucky managed to avoid a shutout in Gainesville, scoring in the fourth quarter, snapping a 79-0 unanswered scoring run against both Southern Miss and Florida.

Oh, and there's this, which is not ideal.

Kentucky is already 0-2 and they likely will lose a lot more, with games against South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Louisville and a couple non-conference opponents left.

Stoops' seat is warming, and there's no reason to think this is going to get a lot better.