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What does it look like from the stands of a football game at a NASCAR track? Not great!

Seriously, just stay home.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Bristol Motor Speedway seats 153,000 spectators. The Battle at Bristol between University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech almost definitely shattered college football attendance records, as people have been predicting for a while now.

Logistically, this is problem.

As a spectator, you're participating in what has to win the Most American Sporting Event Ever title. It's putting college football (which has a longer American history than pro football, by the way) into a NASCAR stadium and adding more than two times the number of people that attend both UT and VT. On top of all that, Bristol Motor Speedway carted in more than half a million beers for the ordeal.

But at what cost? Considering we've been talking about the sheer size of the stadium at Bristol since this game was announced in 2013, we knew seats would be an issue.

Where is the field?!?

These sound like something out of Harry Potter. But media seating can't be that bad, right? They're going to be the ones really paying attention to the game here. They're not going to be partaking in the half a million beers.

Well then. That's why they come with instructions.

Honestly, the view is kind of picturesque. All that orange.

The official TV view. From way up there, you can almost see the Jumbotron, too!

Maybe they brought all that beer in for a reason. With a tailgate that big, odds are that at least some of the 150,000 spectators won't care whether they're seeing the field.