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JUCO football player arrested for punching this ref to the ground, per report

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Mt. San Antonio College, a community college in a suburb of Los Angeles, saw the following happen in the third quarter against Ventura College on Saturday, according to the Ventura County Star:

Ventura won, 34-29. Mt. SAC entered Saturday ranked No. 1 in the country in's JUCO rankings, and Ventura No. 11. But that's secondary, at the moment.

A search of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office website's inmate records failed to process, and a call to the office directed me to the website.

It doesn't appear it's known at this time exactly what led to the punch, other than what you can see in the video.

According to the paper, this is Ventura president Greg Gillespie speaking with one official while a school police officer discusses the incident with another:

We'll update as more becomes available.