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The Solid Verbal: Recapping Week 2's greatness, weirdness, and promise

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Let's deep dive a week full of unexpected entertainment.

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After an enormous first week of matchups, Week 2 looked a bit underwhelming, but after a crazy day of unexpected performances, let's figure out:

• What the hell is going on with Clemson and Georgia after close wins vs underwhelming opponents?

• How should end-of-game issues like the one we saw at the end of Oklahoma State-Central Michigan be handled?

• Is there more to be encouraged by or worried about when looking at the partial struggles of Tennessee and Arkansas in big wins?

• What's going on with the uneven play of the Pac-12 and Big 12?

• Is Louisville QB Lamar Jackson of this world?

• Same question, but for Kalen Ballage...

• What does Pitt's win over Penn State mean for their upcoming ACC matchups?

• Even in a loss, do we agree with/love BYU's decision to go for two and the win late in their Holy War game vs Utah?

...and much, much more!