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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: We told you Week 2 would be fun, and you didn't listen

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Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

In the first official Sunday PAPN, Bill and Godfrey go rapid-fire through the fun things and important things from college football's second weekend.

  • Central Michigan's last-second miracle was amazing (and so totally shouldn't have counted).
  • Penn State really needs to beat a rival soon.
  • Clemson's hungover.
  • The Mountain West was a Week 2 winner.
  • LSU's new QB cleared a really low bar.
  • Well done, NC A&T.
  • Iowa's looking the part (despite the competition).
  • Tennessee is and isn't looking the part.
  • Wow, is Louisville-FSU going to be fun.

See you on Wednesday for the full-sized show.