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Kentucky's Mark Stoops arrived with so much promise, which is all completely gone

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Do you remember the stories about Kentucky's 2013 spring game? When fans packed the house for new head coach and former Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops, who'd already boosted UK recruiting? When things were gonna be different and better now, after the Joker Phillips era's dismal end?

I grabbed this photo of local legend Tim Couch telling a crowd of 51,000 that the air raid offense Stoops' staff was bringing back to Lexington was the one they'd been missing all this time.

Looking back, that exact moment, with Couch speaking assurances to a full house from above, feels like the peak of the Stoops era at UK.

Three losing seasons, with two of them including suspicious, 5-1 starts offset by close losses to Florida. Saturday, the Wildcats didn't even get that far, extending their Florida losing streak to 30 years and getting blasted off the field so cleanly, CBS' Verne Lundquist jokingly asked viewers to send him stories to read on air. I think it was jokingly.

Kentucky Sports Radio's Matt Jones, perhaps the most authoritative voice on the state of the Big Blue Nation fanbase:

UK Football fans have hit a level of frustration that may be the highest I have ever seen. After decades of supporting the team at levels far above any natural reward, Kentucky fans have collectively just about had it and the miserable experience Saturday caused many to reach their wits end. After years of rationalizing every explanation in the book as to why Kentucky football is not successful, a stark realization is upon us. The time for excuses is over as Mark Stoops and Mitch Barnhart now must either produce or face the consequences.

A prominent Louisville media member reacts to Jones' post:

Says our A Sea of Blue:

I'll continue to watch and support Kentucky football. My support for the coaching staff, Mark Stoops and DJ Eliot in particular, has suffered and is close to being non-existent at this point.

Even UK's recruiting, once Stoops' biggest piece of evidence in his favor and essentially the school-cited reason he got a contract extension after a 2-10 debut, offers little hope. Kentucky ranked 38th and 34th on the 247Sports Composite over the last two years, which is pretty good by local standards, but not going to provide enough talent to win very many games in the SEC East. Uh, as you can see.

And now a look at the remaining schedule: at Alabama, at Tennessee, and at Louisville could very easily add three losses to this 0-2 start. A couple slips elsewhere, and that's four losing seasons with little improvement to show.

(Could Mark become the latest Stoops to rejoin his brother Bob's staff after failing to win in a tough location?)

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