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Colorado's uniforms against Michigan reference that time they Hail Mary'd Michigan

The Buffaloes are all in on this game.

A 2-0 Colorado is going to Ann Arbor as an underdog against a higher-ranked, top-five Michigan. Do you remember what happened the last time the Buffs did that with the same record and ranking situation? CU does!

(CU also traveled to Ann Arbor in 1997, though that was a season opener and the Buffs were higher-ranked. Bear with me.)

In 1994, Kordell Stewart struck Michael Westbrook with a 64-yard, tipped Hail Mary to knock off the No. 4 Wolverines. The entire team poured into the end zone as Keith Jackson hollered, "There are no flags on the field! Only despair, for the maize and blue!"

Elsewhere this week, Colorado’s media guide is making fun of Jim Harbaugh’s paranoid roster secrecy.

"Probably not wise for Colorado to poke the bear like this," a coward would say. Do not listen to those cowards, CU. The mighty buffalo fears nothing, as the world can tell by the majestic clothes it’s been wearing since the 1990s.