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Tom Herman kisses all his players before Houston games

The Cougars look like one big, happy football family.

Sixth-ranked Houston is playing Cincinnati on Thursday night. The game is on ESPN, and the network's cameras found Tom Herman engaging in a unique pregame ritual with his players.

Herman kisses his players before their games, apparently on the cheek/neck/head area. SB Nation's Steven Godfrey asked a Houston spokesperson about this, and it's apparently not much more complicated than how it looks.

"This team has real love," the official said. "Dude hugs too."

Herman kisses his entire team, according to the spokesperson.

He's spoken at length about his hugging of his players before. He seems very serious about it.

Houston has much to be happy about, coming into Thursday 2-0 and very much in the College Football Playoff conversation. Football is often about winning as many games as possible and hitting people very hard, and it's easy to forget something else that's important about the game: people.

It's cool to see Herman and his players caring so much about each other.