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Louisville Cardinals remembering Muhammad Ali with this beautiful butterfly tribute

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Louisville's huge ACC home opener is also the city's first major sporting event since the passing of its favorite son.

You've seen the fronts of No. 10 Louisville's very nice helmets for a huge Saturday home game against No. 2 Florida State ...

... now look at the backs:

A reference to the Louisville native's "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" quote.

And that's not the only planned tribute to the greatest American athlete of all time, who publicly supported the Cardinals before his June 2016 passing. This 30-foot emblem is behind one end zone at U of L's stadium:

And the Cardinals plan to honor Ali's wife, Lonnie, on the field, use a butterfly-minted coin for the pregame toss, and hand out 3,000 Ali shirts to students.

Thousands of fans and dignitaries gathered in Louisville just a few months ago for Ali's memorial. Of the many, many great things written about Ali, here's a cool one about a local gym, one part of his legacy in the city.