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Fired coach Art Briles showed up to Baylor-Rice and sat among Bears fans

The Bears are playing in Houston on Friday night.

Baylor fired head coach Art Briles in May while the school was wrapped in scandal over how it treated sexual assault allegations against his football players, allegedly including interference in investigations by his coaching staff.

Former Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe has since replaced Briles, but Briles is still keeping tabs on the Bears. He showed up at their game against Rice in Houston on Friday night.

Several other people in attendance have tweeted out photographs of Briles in the stands, sitting among legions of other Baylor fans.

Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that Briles is there. His son, Kendal, is still on Jim Grobe’s staff as the Bears’ offensive coordinator, and basically the entire Baylor roster is made up of Briles’ own players. Kendal Briles paid tribute to his father during Baylor’s season opener, writing "CAB" – Coach Art Briles – on the back of his hands.

Art Briles has said wants to get back into coaching. Baylor hasn’t released the findings of the investigation it cited while firing Briles in the spring. Briles has said he "did wrong" at Baylor and "was the captain of this ship" while this scandal unfolded, but he hasn’t been particularly specific about what that wrong was.