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South Carolina State vs. Clemson 2016: Start time, live stream, TV schedule and 3 things to know

The Tigers are 2-0, but they need to play better.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

What's there to be said that hasn't already about the Tigers? True, the unimpressive win over Troy last week could have been better if Ray-Ray McCloud would have held on to the dang ball going into the end zone, but the performance still wasn't anything to write home about.

If there was a time for Clemson to put down a biblical beatdown and quell the talk that the Tigers are overrated or obsessed with their press clippings, or that their offense probably but not definitely will be fine, this is it. In no universe should South Carolina State pose a threat to Clemson.

Put the hammer down, and the Tigers make us all feel a little bit better about penciling them in as a Playoff team in the offseason. We all know the talent is there for the Tigers, but if the motivation isn't, better opponents than South Carolina State and Troy will trip up last year's national title runner-up.

How to watch, stream and listen

TV: 12 p.m. ET, Root Sports (click for a full list of networks; it's lengthy). The broadcasters are Wes Durham, James Bates and Jenn Hildreth.

Radio: Clemson, South Carolina State

Online streaming: WatchESPN

Make friends: SB Nation's Underdog Dynasty covers FCS action, and Shakin the Southland handles your Clemson needs.

Three big things to know

1. On paper, Deshaun Watson's been fine, but he hasn't been Deshaun Watson. For Pete's sake, this dude is probably the best QB in the nation.

2. Mike Williams has been outstanding, but on a whole we expected more from Clemson's wide receivers (you should be sensing a theme here). Now young wideouts will have to step up because Hunter Renfrow will miss some time with a broken hand.

3. Last week, South Carolina State hung with Louisiana Tech for two quarters. Can they stick around with Clemson as well? Or will Deshaun Watson & Co. finally kick into gear?


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