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Watch Alabama's Jonathan Allen absolutely haul 291 glorious pounds for a huge TD

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This GIF has not been accelerated at all. He really is that fast. (Okay, it's been accelerated.)


That's Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, a 6'3, 291-pound behemoth and top NFL Draft prospect, who now holds a 75-yard touchdown in the box score and the Ball Out Belt in his hands. (That's Bama's award to defenders who do a good job of forcing turnovers.)

Watch as he gathers the ball into his gigantic hands, then immediately cuts upfield like the world's most immense slot receiver. His teammates kind of give up on blocking for him and nearly let a defender overtake him because they are so confident in his speed. I would be, too.

This touchdown mattered, as Bama was locked in a battle against an Ole Miss team it'd lost to twice in a row. The score became 48-30 after this journey.

With this, Allen is hereby one of the favorites for SB Nation's Piesman Trophy.