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Leonard Fournette just slam dunked this poor defender into the earth's core

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Don't do it to him, Leonard.

Leonard Fournette didn't do a bunch in LSU's first game of the season, and he sat out with an injury in Week 2, when the Tigers were playing FCS Jacksonville State. He has returned against Mississippi State. And he's back.

The victim of his jackhammering is Bulldogs defensive back Brandon Bryant. He is not a small man, at a listed 6'0 and 215 pounds. But Fournette turned him into a human turf imprint on this run. Sheesh!

LSU badly needs Fournette to be himself. The Tigers are in a state of quarterbacking turmoil, and it's hard to imagine new starter Danny Etling (or previous starter Brandon Harris) having any passing success if Fournette isn't terrifying defenses by running all over them. He looks like he's at pretty close to full strength, and that's a great sign for Les Miles.