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I've never seen a touchdown exactly like the one Texas Tech just scored

This is confusing and dizzying, and it's also awesome.

Texas Tech's powerful offense was booming against Louisiana Tech on Saturday, to the point where the Red Raiders scored the kind of touchdown I've never seen before in my life. This was that, amid TTU's 59-45 win:

There is a bunch going on here. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury or offensive coordinator Eric Morris could probably explain what's going on in more intricate detail than this, but anyway: That's an end-around into a reverse, with a flip back to a quarterback to set up a screen pass to an open receiver in the flat. It goes in the books as a 42-yard touchdown catch for Jonathan Giles from Patrick Mahomes, even though there were a bunch of other moving pieces.

Reverses, back-passes and long touchdowns aren't new things. But roll a Wing T-looking end-around into a couple of handoffs, a backwards pass and a screen, all leading into an open-field sprint through a defense to the end zone? That's football gymnastics, and it's beautiful, even if it makes me dizzy.