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Christian McCaffrey still completely owns USC, and this mean cutback is the latest

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The Trojans are still having flashbacks to last year's Pac-12 Championship.

Christian McCaffrey torches everybody, but Stanford's junior running back brings a special brand of dominance to his games against USC. All rivalry history and Pac-12 rules notwithstanding, it might be best if the Trojans can just find a way to get Stanford off their schedule, or something. He'll go pro soon, we swear.

McCaffrey's played two games against USC before, and in all three combined, he's earned 702 yards of total offense, including 312 in a Pac-12 title game romp last year.

He's got a ton (literally) of help, too:

Here's some of Saturday's damage.

A 33-yard run-ending in this vicious cutback that leads to an extra 6 or 7 yards.

And a 56-yard touchdown reception from the first quarter, on which USC's secondary boldly decided that it wasn't worth allocating a man to stand near McCaffrey and make this more difficult for him.

Even botched snaps are just no big deal when you've got No. 5.

McCaffrey had 173 yards from scrimmage at halftime and finished with 238 in a 27-10 win. He's treated the Trojans like they're Iowa in the Rose Bowl, and he's not showing much mercy.