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This Cal player hit Texas with the most beautifully executed Horns Down I've ever seen

He's new at this, but what innovation!

Inverting the Texas Longhorns' "Hook 'em, Horns" hand gesture is nothing new. Oklahoma fans have been doing it forever, it became part of Arkansas' soul during a bowl week against Texas, and various others have broken it out at times. The latest, however, was done with some real style:

That's Cal wide receiver Chad Hansen after a 23-yard touchdown, part of a wild first half the Bears led at the break, 35-33.

Observe the technique. He doesn't just throw a Horns Down. No. He demonstrates his form so that all young people who are watching at home can follow his model, using his loose hand as a guide to arrange his shooting hand into the proper trajectory. What deliberate swag and what efficient spite, all from a player in the faraway Pac-12.

Also, all Cal fans who still harbor a grudge against former Texas coach Mack Brown (this is all Cal fans) will be further pleased to know the Horns Down gesture greatly upset Brown during his time in the Big 12, so much so that he proposed the conference legislate against it: