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Lamar Jackson is the new Mike Vick, says Vick, and 22 more college football things to know

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I'm an Atlanta Falcons fan. Saying this in public doesn't add to my credibility very frequently, nor does it improve anyone's opinion of my judgment, but I mention it because Louisville's Lamar Jackson is replicating and topping maybe my favorite athlete ever, Michael Vick.

Jackson's latest was a 362-yard day for No. 10 Louisville, which rocked No. 2 Florida State, 63-20, the most points the Seminoles have ever given up. He finished with his 18th touchdown in the last three weeks, two more than the University of Missouri scored in all of 2015.

Plenty of others have made the comparison before, so this is hardly groundbreaking, and ESPN's even made a nice video of the two pulling off similar feats in college:

And the authority has co-signed the comp:

That's a step up from what Vick said a few days prior during an interview filled with praise: "He's throwing touchdowns. You're getting them through the air; you're getting them on the ground. He's making guys miss. He's elusive. That's everything I was."

Jackson, a former Florida high schooler who was somehow a local superstar while being a three-star recruit, has called Vick his favorite player.

Later Saturday, Vick expanded on his "5x" tweet: "I say that bc I didn't beat FSU lol."

Vick's school wasn't in the ACC during his college days, but he did face the 'Noles in the 1999 BCS Championship, falling short. Then, as now, FSU was a heavyweight, and both Jackson and Vick commanded historical underdogs. So the math is fair in Vick's mind, though we'll of course adjust for facts like Jackson's team being at home in a fired-up city, FSU being without its top defender on Saturday, and the 'Noles having an even younger quarterback than Jackson, plus what we know about dice rolls.

Still. To say Jackson has talent and trajectory on par with Vick's at this point is to weigh your words carefully and know that you mean them. Vick is a college legend, even by the strictest definition of the word legend, and the most athletic NFL quarterback ever.

Over the last decade, we've seen a lot of special college QBs who can run and throw, two or three of whom have ascended to Vick status. Jackson has a chance to climb as high as any of them, and he's doing it so quickly, it feels like an understatement to say that. It feels like selling him short to say he's on pace to making a myth entirely his own.

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  1. It's Week 3. Ole Miss has already turned two 21-point leads into losses. That's amazing.
  2. Ohio State's destruction of Oklahoma was very good, but the main thing to know is OSU's Noah Brown pulled off the catch of the year, without question or debate.
  3. In Louisville: KNEE CATCH.
  4. Michigan State knocked Notre Dame out of the Playoff.
  5. Remember how we all spent two years warning Iowa not to proceed with this North Dakota State game, and instead of listening, the Hawkeyes gave Kirk Ferentz more money? Aaaaaaabout that.
  6. Oregon's been going for two at weird times for years. It finally cost them a big game, more or less.
  7. Texas shouldn't have given up 50 points to Cal, but the refs also should've given the Horns one last chance after the Bears just handed the ball back.
  8. Elsewhere, refs missed Oklahoma's Joe Mixon likewise dumping the ball before scoring. They gave him the TD, despite the ball floating a yard shy.
  9. Elsewhere elsewhere, a South Carolina State player thought a kickoff ball was dead. It was suuuper not dead.
  10. SEC refs had a bizarre day, capped off by Ole Miss-Bama. The Rebels thought they'd scored THREE TIMES on this drive, but walked away with three points ...
  11. ... and earlier, the refs just straight up gifted each side a touchdown, as if they were concerned about the SEC's reputation for being too defense-minded. I'm kidding. I think.
  12. This by Leonard Fournette might be the most unholy stiffarm I've ever seen.
  13. Florida's starting QB is likely out next week against Tennessee, says his head coach.
  14. Louisville's GameDay signs were excellent, captained by TECMO BOWL LAMAR JACKSON.
  15. Auburn's latest transfer savior QB running out of bounds on fourth down in the fourth quarter of a loss feels like a metaphor for the Tigers right now.
  16. A Cal player, of all people, rocked Texas with the most impressive Horns Down handwork I've witnessed.
  17. Please do not talk trash about Ohio State. An Oklahoma backup learned that.
  18. Penn State's Joe Paterno tributes: as completely surreal as you'd imagine.
  19. Rice sort of apologized, but not exactly, for a halftime show "satirizing" Baylor's sexual assault scandal.
  20. Oregon paid a beautiful, simple tribute to late Nebraska punter Sam Foltz.
  21. SC State's school president is out here building planes and flying them over stadiums.
  22. BEHOLD: a football team kicking off from the red zone.