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The Solid Verbal: Recapping college football's sloppy, but fun Week 3

It wasn't always pretty, but it was ours.

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On the big Week 3 recap show, we attempt to answer the following questions:

• How the hell do you beat Alabama? No, seriously.

• Is Ohio State's ability to reload even remotely fair?

• What is happening with USC's offense?

• Why did Oregon lose in such a dumb way?

• Will Ty eventually implode into a black hole watching Notre Dame in 2016?

• What is there to take away from Michigan's eventual win over America's Team, Colorado?

• On that same note, when will people start respecting Michigan State?

• How did Texas A&M beat Auburn and what does this mean for Gus Malzahn?

• Is it okay to start feeling better about LSU after Danny Etling is looking more serviceable than ever?

• How many national championships will Washington begin collecting?

• What's keeping BYU from getting to that elusive 20th point?

• What went wrong for Texas out west? What went right for Cal?