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The Miami Hurricanes will wear full-time throwback uniforms that remind us of The U

The Canes are going back to the 1980s, and not just for one game.

The Miami football program was at its best in the 1980s and 1990s. That’s when it won four national championships and overwhelmed college football with a blend of brutality and skill that became the stuff of 30 for 30 legend.

A couple of decades later, the Hurricanes have decided to look more like their old selves. Retro-themed uniforms are on the way.

miami hurricanes new throwback uniforms Adidas

Miami and its apparel sponsor, Adidas, are rolling out two throwback uniforms. These aren’t just onetime things, though. The Canes are going to make these their regular home and away jerseys -- one with an orange top (like above), one with white -- and wear them regularly going forward. Based on how they look, this is a good idea.

The orange-topped home uniform debuts Oct. 8 against Florida State. Make note of the helmet stripe, which is standard for both uniforms.

And here’s the white-topped away uniform, rolling out on Oct. 20 against Virginia Tech:

miami hurricanes new throwback uniforms Adidas

Adidas was pretty exact about making these look like Miami’s old unis. The company says the jersey numbers, stripes and logos were "precisely measured from archival products worn by the Hurricanes to create an accurate execution of the design elements." They were pretty serious about it, and it looks like they did it right:

Cleveland Gary Getty

Here's a fuller look at everything:

New college football uniforms often get hated upon to an extreme degree. These probably won’t. They’re simple, historical and sharp, and it’s hard to argue with any of it.