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Ireland, your Boston College-Georgia Tech signage is still wrong

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Clearly this isn't official merchandise.

A few days before Boston College and Georgia Tech were scheduled to kick off in Ireland, a Yellow Jackets beat writer discovered Dublin was actually expecting to host two entirely different teams, based on some local gift shop merchandise:

"Georgia" is playing North Carolina in Atlanta, which is where Georgia Tech would be playing if it hadn't gotten the notion to go to another continent instead.

"Boston" would tend to imply the Boston University Terriers, who 1) do not play other colleges in football, and 2) have the good sense to not fly to Ireland in order to do so.

It’s like Where In The World Is Bill Walsh College Football? out here.

After much chuckling by onlookers, someone tried again. Nailed it!

Wait, no, still wrong.

We’ll get it right by kickoff, which is on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. ET in America.