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This Christian McCaffrey TD is too awesome to call back for a mere block in the back

He'll probably get more of these, ideally without the flags.

Christian McCaffrey is a lightning bolt, and it took him less than nine minutes of this college football season to remind everybody.

McCaffrey dropped back and decided to return a Kansas State punt from his own 4-yard line – a benchable offense for some college football return men, but not for arguably the country’s most lethal offensive threat.

This turned into a 96-yard return touchdown, except it didn’t count. Stanford’s Curtis Robinson put a block into a Kansas State coverage man, and it was called a block in the back. Not sure, honestly; this was pretty close. He’s the guy in red giving a push to the guy in white, who’s falling over.

McCaffrey probably would’ve beaten him anyway, which is maybe the most upsetting thing. Still, a pretty incredible effort to stay upright and get running like that.