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A Florida player used a ducks-and-trucks metaphor to guarantee a victory over Tennessee, so Oregon made a video of a duck pulling a truck

A Florida player talked some poetic trash about Tennessee. Everyone liked it, whether they understood it or not.

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Tennessee hasn’t beaten Florida since 2004. That’s a looong time.


This week, Florida cornerback Quincy Wilson announced he had a message to deliver on behalf of his position group:

QW: Nobody has ever seen a duck pull a truck. Florida Gators are going to win, simple as that. That’s it on that. Any other questions?

Reporter: So are you guaranteeing a victory?

QW: Yeah, we’re going to go out there and play Gator football and win.

Reporter: You said ducks? Like the quacking ...

QW: Like a quacking duck.

Reporter: So Tennessee’s ducks in this scenario?

QW: Tennessee’s the duck, and we’re the truck.

Reporter: Why are they ducks?

QW: It’s just a metaphor.

Reporter: What’s the origin of the metaphor?

QW: I don’t know.


Confusion abounds. Florida head coach Jim McElwain is unfamiliar with the phrase, but calls it a “classic.”

Here it is in an episode of 1990s series Martin, delivered by the character Jerome:

It’s remained popular enough for more than one person to make a meme of it years later (there are many memes of it), and here’s a 2010 snap rap song that uses the phrase in its title and chorus.


Days later, college sports’ highest-ranking duck gets involved. Oregon’s “Puddles” The Duck pulls a truck in this video, and it’s the most popular thing to emerge from this entire conflict, despite many of these people surely having no idea it’s a reference to some SEC dispute thousands of miles away:

Yes, I know The Duck’s official name isn’t Puddles. We know him personally. That’s why it’s in nickname quotes. There’s no time for this.


And Florida finishes the whole thing off with commentary on Oregon’s video:

So now you know about that.


Tennessee won, so the Vols’ head coach quoted this whole ducks-and-trucks thing on live TV immediately after.