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Georgia Tech started a play on defense and still gave up a safety

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How does this even happen?

So, No. 5 Clemson is taking on Georgia Tech at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta. The Tigers went up 14-0, and the game got pretty slow throughout the first two quarters, until we had ourselves the weirdest safety ever.

Clemson was in the red zone on 1st and 15, but Clemson QB Deshaun Watson threw an interception to GT defensive back Lance Austin. Austin decided to try and return the INT by reversing field out of the end zone, meaning the play could no longer be ruled a touchback. He would end up fumbling the ball in the process, which was recovered by a Georgia Tech player in the end zone, good for a Clemson safety.

This has to be one of the most unfortunate safeties we’ve ever seen. Georgia Tech is currently trailing Clemson 23-0 as we head into halftime.