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8 important facts about these photos of Kevin Sumlin just sitting there, minding his business

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1. This man, the head coach of the No. 10 Texas A&M Aggies, is so dapper and confident, all your team's committed recruits have just direct messaged him.

2. This is at blue-and-orange Auburn, meaning Kevin Sumlin showed up wearing the local colors of the team he was about to beat. That's like wearing the wooly mammoth's skins before you even slay it during a hunt, if the wooly mammoth were suffering from a years-long quarterback battle.

3. The media guide is upside down, but so is Auburn at the moment. So it's actually right side up.

4. If anyone gives you this look while you're photographing them during a quiet moment, just let them read things in whichever direction they want:

5. The media guide was eventually righted, perhaps once Coach got past the stuff about Auburn's current condition and needed to view some advertisements on menswear lesser than his own:

6. Actually, here's an even better photo of Sumlin reading a media guide, one that'll make you really ponder how unusual it is for multiple photographers to take photos of a person who's just sitting on a bench and reading a magazine:

7. Via Getty and USA Today, who seem to have annoyed Coach Sumlin somewhat, for the fashion edification of us all.

8. Or he did this on purpose, because he knew one of these faces would have a good chance of becoming a meme (Annoyed Outdoor Magazine Coach With Good Pocket Square), which would be great for recruiting.

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