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I’ve never been as excited about anything as Plies is about his new USF Bulls jersey

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There’s a lot of cussing.

BMI Honors George Clinton, T-Pain, Lil Wayne and Many More At Urban Awards Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images for BMI

That’s Tampa local Plies — a 40-year-old, successful rapper who was once a wide receiver for the Miami Redhawks, with 25 catches and two touchdowns in 1996 — celebrating his acquisition of a USF Bulls jersey with his name on it ahead of a huge home game against Florida State.

“I just left from picking up my motherfucking jersey, man. [Head coach] Willie [Taggart] called and told me my jersey was ready,” he said.

“What that motherfucking say right there?” he asked, noting his nameplate.

He added, “I’m motherfucking playing tomorrow. Watch when they put me in that motherfucker. Stay motherfucking tuned.”

He noted that he would not reveal which motherfucking position he’d like to play for the Bulls, despite not currently being enrolled at the university —I’m gonna guess wide receiver — in perhaps USF’s biggest game in a decade.

“Wait ‘til I get the motherfucking shoes taped,” Plies exclaimed. “Wait til I get the gloves on the motherfucker. Breaking news: I’m playing tomorrow against motherfucking Florida State. Plies vs. Florida State!”

USF is a 5.5-point underdog, but I’ve yet to see a Vegas line on Plies by himself vs. all of Florida State.

Last bowl season, Plies inspired your favorite team’s players to run in place in the end zone.