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Florida fans had the best signs at Tennessee's 'College GameDay'

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The Gators haven’t lost to the Vols in 12 years. Yeah, that came up.

ESPN’s College GameDay is camped outside Neyland Stadium on Saturday, waiting for a 3:30 p.m. ET kick between No. 14 Tennessee and No. 19 Florida. It’s been basically forever (here are 17 signs this is true) since the Vols last beat the Gators, so there’s lots of energy and anticipation in Knoxville at the moment. And that’s shining through in GameDay signs.

I can’t prove this scientifically, but it’s felt like the sheer volume of GameDay signs is greater this week than usual. Everyone and their best friend has gotten in on this party, so we’ve got a wide selection. And it turns out Florida fans brought some streak-related heat to produce the day’s best signs. Let’s get to the best of it:

A really brutal shot at the home team, here. A low blow if I’ve ever seen one:

A better social media dig, in my view:

This is topical and relevant at this moment in American culture:

Got a weird one, now.

Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Vol. I’m sure they’re delighted to a) get this news and b) get it in this manner. I can’t decide whether I prefer this to be a joke or not. I’m on the fence. (Also, is he saying his parents are already grandparents, and the birth of his child was carried out without Mother and Father’s knowledge? This escalated quickly.)

No idea which team this person roots for, but it’s inarguable:

Folks, a little respect, please:

I dock this for spelling, but fine:

The syntax police are going to have a field day:

Oh, yeah. This is the good stuff. Give me some of that:

Got a bit of an error here, flagged by Deadspin’s Tim Burke:

Jeff Driskel weeps.

But this is probably true: