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LSU’s kicker wearing special cleats to honor the Nebraska and Michigan State punters who died in a car crash

This is a moving tribute (and one any punter would love).

When Nebraska punter Sam Foltz and former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler died in a horrific car crash this summer, LSU kicker Colby Delahoussaye was sitting behind them in the car’s back seat.

Thankfully, Delahoussaye made a quick recovery and has gotten back on the field this year for LSU. And he’s paying a really nice tribute to the two friends he lost.

Foltz wore No. 27 at Nebraska, and Sadler wore No. 3 at Michigan State. Now Delahoussaye will have them with him whenever he’s on the field.

The aftermath of the punters’ deaths has brought some really beautiful tributes. Nebraska lined up in a missing-man formation on its first punt of the season, and opponent Fresno State declined the ensuing delay of game penalty. Oregon last week left flowers on Nebraska’s 27-yard line before the game, a nod to the punter who wore that number in Lincoln. And Michigan State is honor Sadler this weekend:

These men touched a lot of people. Those people haven’t forgotten.