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Steve Spurrier beat Phillip Fulmer in 'College GameDay' picks

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Florida did get at least one win.

GameDay Via ESPN.

College GameDay was in Knoxville Saturday for the big Tennessee-Florida game as the Gators try to extend a 12-year, literally endless Volunteer drought in the series. (Gators fans are keenly aware of how long it’s been.)

In a bipartisan spirit, GameDay invited two guest pickers: former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer and former Florida coach (and current front office man) Steve Spurrier. You might not think it, but Spurrier is actually fairly well respected in Knoxville.

Any live television appearance by the Head Ball Coach is one we can support. Host Rece Davis prodded Fulmer for the best zinger the HBC ever hit him with during their years sharing the SEC, and Fulmer demurred, much to our dismay.

"I think he’s hitting from the ladies’ tees. I’ll say that," Fulmer teased us.

Spurrier didn’t drop any real heaters. The best thing he said is that he likes Gus Malzahn because Malzahn wears a visor. This surprises no one.

Here were Spurrier's and Fulmer’s GameDay picks.

In their respective games, Spurrier and Fulmer both made the following picks:

Michigan State over Wisconsin
Florida State over South Florida
Georgia over Ole Miss
Texas A&M over Arkansas
Stanford over UCLA
Arizona over Washington (upset alert?)
Cal over Arizona State

They differed on these games:

  • Spurrier picked Florida to beat Tennessee, obviously. Fulmer picked the Vols, obviously.
  • Spurrier picked Auburn, while Fulmer picked LSU in the big Anxiety Bowl game.
  • Spurrier picked Baylor, while Fulmer picked Oklahoma State.

The result of this is, effectively, a 2-1 win for Spurrier.

This is what it’ll come down to, folks. Let’s all stay tuned and try to control ourselves.