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Whenever Lee Corso picks Florida's mascot head, he sneaks in rival FSU's Tomahawk Chop

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He played his college ball at Florida State, FYI.

That's Lee Corso, former Indiana head coach and Florida State quarterback/defensive back, in three examples going back to 2009.

Every week, his pick of the day's biggest game shuts down College GameDay. He makes this pick by putting on a mascot head or doing some other stunt.

When Corso picks Florida, he does FSU's Tomahawk Chop hand gesture. There are three possible reasons for this:

  1. FSU's biggest rival is Florida, so why not get a jab in?
  2. He got confused one time in 2009 while holding up a Florida-FSU combo helmet, and now just keeps doing it anyway.
  3. Some combination of the two.

I choose to believe it was 2, but then became 1, and is now 3.