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The story of Florida-Tennessee 2016, as told by 2 fans in the stands

The game’s not over yet, but the Vols have made one sad fan pretty happy, I bet.

Florida hasn’t lost to the Vols since 2004, and things were looking bad early for UT in 2016. But then the Gators got overly cautious and overly sloppy as Tennessee came alive on both sides of the ball.

So at first, the game was like ...


... but then, it was like:


If the Gators were to somehow come back and walk away with a win — thus extending their streak that goes back to before Twitter and Instagram and almost all of Facebook — despite trotting out a backup QB who transferred in from Purdue, things would get REAL rough for Butch Jones in Knoxville. And for this shirtless man. But in different ways.

Both these gentlemen have a long way to go to top the current reigning Tennessee fan meme, however: