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Penn State's 270-pound kicker keeps destroying people on kickoff returns

Joey "Big Toe" Julius has now done this at least twice.

Jim Harbaugh's Michigan stomped Penn State football Saturday, but that didn't stop the notorious Joey "Big Toe" Julius from stomping Michigan cornerback Jourdan Lewis on a kickoff return.

The kicker comes out of absolutely nowhere on this hit. Is it pretty? No. Was it effective? Absolutely.

Let's see that from another angle.

AHHH. Can you imagine the fear Lewis felt when he realized all 270 pounds of Toe were hurtling right at him? Did he even know? Did he have time to think about all the things he should have said but never got the chance?

Kickers don't often make tackles. "Big Toe" is no exception, but when he does, it's really something. Just look at this one from earlier this season when he took down Kent State's Raekwon Jones in a similar situation.

This was only the second tackle of his career. He's got two more years of eligibility after this. Hopefully, Penn State puts more than just Toe's toe to good use.

How'd Lewis feel about all this, by the way?