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Here's a compilation of Florida's Antonio Callaway calling for bizarre fair catches vs. Tennessee

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For your viewing pleasure.

The Florida Gators had an absolutely terrible day at the office against Tennessee on Saturday. They blew a 21-3 halftime lead and ultimately got boat-raced out of Neyland Stadium, 38-28.

Florida receiver Antonio Callaway had four catches for 134 yards. That was fine and good. He was an important part of the Gator offense, at least.

Things broke bad for Callaway in the punt returning game, however.

That's another role he fills for Jim McElwain's team: punt returner.

Callaway had one punt return for zero yards, a silly fumble, and a whole lot of fair catches, including some of the most ill-advised fair catches I have ever seen. You've got to see some of these fair catches.

We have prepared a video compilation of Callaway calling for fair catches against the Vols, for your enjoyment above. It includes a clip of Callaway calling for a fair catch at his own 2-yard line, as Tennessee's coverage men and special teams coordinator presumably look on gleefully. Most of these are pretty bizarre fair catches.