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Woman tries to catch Auburn kickoff and gets hit right in the face, and she's OK!

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Ashley Ward is a champion and appears just fine.

A woman at the LSU-Auburn game on Saturday appeared to try to catch an Auburn kickoff beyond the end zone at Jordan-Hare Stadium. The ball hit her in the head, and the woman fell backward, seemingly in great pain. She appears, thankfully, to be doing just fine.

Auburn kicker Daniel Carlson hit a real boomer of a kickoff, and it flew straight through the end zone. The woman tried to settle underneath the ball and, presumably, catch it. Footballs can pick up a lot of velocity on the way down from that high up, so it's not surprising that taking one to the head would be shocking and painful.

This, clearly, could've been a lot worse.

Ashley is a photographer for Auburn. She seems to be all good.

"I was trying to catch the ball, obviously. I made this thing with the manager that I would be able to catch the ball if Daniel Carlson kicked it to me, and I obviously missed it and caught the ball with my face instead of my hands," she said in the video above with WBRC. "I'm okay, just a little red."

What a champion.