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Colorado beats Oregon after obscene TD catch against person dressed like the Ducks' mascot

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There was an unbelievable catch. Then that catch turned out to win the game for the Buffs.

Colorado receiver Bryce Bobo made one of the catches of the year against Oregon on Saturday, spinning and corralling a one-handed touchdown against a poor Oregon defensive back who was dressed like a duck, because Oregon's new uniforms are designed to make them literally look like the Oregon Duck.

Here's the live broadcast angle:

And here's a better-looking replay, which illustrates the ridiculousness of the athletic feat here:

This is an outrage. No person or duck deserves this kind of disrespect.

Ohio State's Noah Brown has destroyed the fun in football catches for everybody else, probably for the entire rest of this year. It'll be a while before we see another receiver catch a person and the ball on the same play for a touchdown. But short of that, I can live with a world that still offers plays like Bobo's.

The cool thing for Colorado is that this stood up as the winner.

The Bobo touchdown made this a 41-38 game with a little less than nine minutes to play. It didn't seem like it would hold up on its own as the winner, but it did. And the Buffaloes got their first win against Oregon since the 1998 Aloha Bowl, which is a remarkable thing, given that they'd played each other six times since then.

The Buffs are now 3-1, and it's clear that they're pretty good. It won't be surprising if they tick off a lot of teams this season, and Oregon was just their first big-name victim.

Things are sort of terrible now for the Ducks. The Ducks lost last week by three points at Nebraska, which stunk because they missed four two-point conversion attempts. Now they're 2-2 and pretty well out of the College Football Playoff hunt before the season has really heated up. What will probably heat up, instead, is Mark Helfrich's seat.